Some things are simply meant to be….Boscoe (now Cooper) was relinquished to a shelter when his owner died. On the day he was scheduled to be turned over to us, one of our patrons found out about him and rushed straight to the shelter to try to adopt him. We had already approved this man to adopt, so we phoned the shelter to let them know he was coming and to instruct them to let the man take Boscoe home. Through a series of accidents—a number misdialed, messages missed—the man went home empty-handed, because the shelter had assigned that dog to our rescue group. Boscoe impressed his foster home with what a well-trained and well-mannered boy he is. When his photo went up on our web site, along with an announcement that he was available to adopt, the same man who had previously rushed to the shelter saw it and contacted our adoption team immediately. He had been looking and waiting every day for that moment! Visitations were arranged, the paperwork was finalized, and now “Cooper” has doting parents and a huge park-like estate to call his own forever. Thanks, Anne & Brad, for fostering Cooper.

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