Dipper (now Jake) is adopted!

Dipper’s foster objective was to learn how to live with humans and live in a house, neither of which he had done before. Who knew that he would learn most by learning how to play? Foster sibling Rally, the old man, laid down the law in the house. Through Rally, Dipper learned the house rules–and how to enjoy lounging on comfy chairs. And it was foster sibling Minnie that taught him how to have fun. He learned how to let loose, go full-out, and have no fear. This helped Dipper relax and be open to the many experiences he would face in his new world. When the time came to meet his potential adopters, he was ready to charm them by being cuddly and following them very closely, so they could see they could NOT go home without him. Success–He now has a family to call his own! Thank you, Lisa, and then Mary, for fostering Dipper, renamed Jake.

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