Of all the Mountain Litter puppies, Everest had the highest mountain to climb and he needed the most help from us. He kept us worrying and praying and doing everything we could for him, including round the clock intensive vet care for many days. We thought we might lose him, but he never gave up. One day he turned a corner, started wriggling and vocalizing, as if to say “I’m back!” Soon he rediscovered the appetite he had lost. He grew stronger and bolder each day, coming out of his shell and melting hearts with his big, sweet eyes. His new family includes two active adults who like to bike, play ball and cuddle. And he has two canine siblings—Penelope the Shih Tzu and Bullet, a rescue from CA GSP Rescue. Thanks, Mary, and Claire and Art, for fostering Everest and for all you did to get him to this place.

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