Finn – passed away April 22, 2016

Finn was the perfect dog who came along at the perfect time. He was the biggest lover and comedian who always knew the perfect moment to steal his brother Scout’s toy. He was a great kitchen helper, picking up vegetable scraps (including brussels sprouts) and meticulously cleaning dirty pans. He was a great traveling buddy and a social butterfly. He knew when to call everyone together at mealtime with his melodious “whoo-whoo” (one of the things we already miss) and brought us together as our ring dog on our wedding day. Always ready for that deep ear rub, a cookie, no matter how tiny, or snuggling up like the 70 lb lap dog that you were. You never did convince the cats to play with you, but you sure tried… and even as your face greyed… you still got the zoomies. You are missed, but out of pain…we love you and we’ll see you at the rainbow bridge.

-Catherine and Mac

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