Incredibly, Freckles spent an entire year living at a shelter. She had done nothing wrong, but her owner got caught up in a legal matter that required the shelter to keep her until the issue was sorted out. The shelter staff grew to love Freckles, and reported that she got along very well with adults, kids, other dogs, and even cats! In spite of her long period of captivity, Freckles retained her sweet, funny disposition.  Thank you Patty for fostering Freckles, calling her “the perfect dog.” Her new home feels as if they won the jackpot, getting to adopt such a great new family member. Freckles is grinning too, as she now has a canine brother and two human siblings to play with, a doggie door leading to a yard full of trees and squirrels, and a comfy sofa she has claimed as her own. Enjoy your freedom, girl.

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