Grace was picked up as a stray, wearing an activated shock collar, the battery still good. I guess she decided to say farewell to that old life, the one that had gotten her into such poor condition – with worn teeth, two cracked molars, skin infections, and numerous callouses on her knees, elbows and rump. She was malnourished, and so weak that her skinny legs would shake with the least exertion. With vet care and foster home attention, she soon thrived. Grace turned out to be a gentle soul, cuddly and loving.

When she first met her foster dad, she walked straight up to him, and laid her head on his chest when he knelt down to pet her. Once they got home, she immediately curled up in his lap. Grace now spends most evenings with her head in that lap, and she has gained eight pounds of muscle from her daily hikes with her new dad. Thanks, Saul, for fostering and adopting Grace and providing her with the good life that sweetheart deserves.

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