Young Hamilton was a submissive, belly crawling, pup-thetic mess when he came into rescue. He pooped, peed and vomited during his transport from the shelter to the vet. He would pee whenever anyone so much as looked at him. In spite of his problems, a foster home stepped up to care for him and help him through his transition to a new life. When he first arrived, he barely moved; he would just freeze – fearful of everything new. He slept through the night in his crate, but his tail would start thumping the minute he heard the kids waking up, singing and talking upstairs. He discovered that he really loves kids—and the playful resident cats, as well! Within a week, his peeing and carsickness subsided, and his foster family decided to make him a permanent part of their home. Thank you, Juanita and family, for accomplishing this miraculous turnaround.

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