Harper now Arlo (estimated to be 12 years old) was dumped on a street in Modesto with no ID. He was picked up by animal control and was found to have a growth on his neck and weak hind legs. His callouses indicate that he’d spent much of his time in a pen, with little exercise. He began foster care very reserved and withdrawn, with little knowledge of house manners. He is mostly deaf, although he can hear loud noises. The growth has been removed, and after numerous tests, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, which can be managed with medications.

Now named Arlo, he has responded well to treats and walks and lots of TLC. He has become much more outgoing, and energetically walks 3+ miles per day. He also loves car rides. He knows his life is now secure: as soon as his adoption became official, he started climbing on the sofa each day for a snuggle! Thank you Barbara and Keith for fostering Arlo (as well as Sally, Amy, Wendy, Imee and Albert for temporary foster services), and thank you Peri and Brian for fostering and adopting Arlo.


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