Jodie – passed away September 2019

We adopted Jodie 4-26-2014 and from day one she was a sweetheart – she fit right in with an older GSP and a young Doberman. We took obedience classes together and she passed them all. Her favorite thing was to come to the office with me and visit with the customers. She earned a certificate from Therapy Dogs International and visited the local hospitals and libraries doing reading to the dogs. We talked to the kids about rescue and that she did not have her girlish figure anymore. When Lunamarie the GSP passed away she was in full swing doing therapy dog work. She loved to wrestle with the Doberman, she could outrun him around the tight corners. When the Dobie passed away the first part of this year, a Husky came on board – Jodie was not too sure about her, but one day she came up and whacked the Husky on top of her head and started the crazy wildness! They had a wonderful time. Jodie passed away this last September – it was a shock because she did not act like anything was wrong. She stopped eating and before we got to the vet’s she was gone. Her photo shows her visiting the people that fought the fires in Big Sur – she was very friendly and popular. We miss her so much, words can not express how much.

-Dana Walker

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