Kato – passed away August 2019

It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of our Kato (formally Romeo, adopted 2012). We were fortunate enough to have adopted him and have him part of our family. Kato was a “ gentle giant.” He was shy and subdued when we brought him home, but we were fortunate enough to watch him blossom. He still remained shy with strangers but always did open up to them and was a kind gentle dog until the end. Two years after Kato joined our family he started having head tremors, then eventually had Grand Mal seizures. After numerous tests including an MRI, ultrasound, etc… it was discovered that Kato had Epilepsy. We also discovered he was older than we thought due to what showed on his lung CXR (you never would have believed it anyway as he was always so full of energy!) At least the mystery was solved…we all felt, no problem, just a little adjustment. He now had his own Neurologist and was started on medications to control the seizures. The only sad part was, he wasn’t allowed to swim at the lake ( in case another seizure started) But that didn’t stop him, he still kept with his adventures, this time running in knee-deep water chasing balls, hiking, chasing gophers, rats or any large bird that made the mistake of landing in our yard. Through the years, his medications needed to be adjusted, he made many friends at the Vets office. One of his favorite past times in our yard was to stand on the bridge and look into the Koi pond and watch the fish. This eventually spilled over anytime we took him on an adventure near a lake or pond, he would then stand knee-deep in the water and slowly walk around and watch the fish. Because you never know…one might just jump out of the water!!! The years passed, life has been good for Kato and us as well. He gave us so much joy, just to be around him. I cannot tell you how much he was loved. He had a bed in our bedroom, our daughter’s room, the kitchen, living room, and the truck. So many choices to take a nap. Did I mention his toys? Last year when we were on vacation up at Eagle Lake in Lassen, Kato had problems with his bowels. This prompted an emergency visit with a Vet in Susanville who diagnosed him with Megacolon. We quickly left for home, back to his ER vet and thankfully he was out of the woods, for a while. Kato was diagnosed with severe Fibrosis in his Cecum and was given a guarded prognosis. We thought we had lost him last summer, but with his new Gastroenterologist, medications x3 / day and special food…he was able to live one more year until the disease was too much for him. He passed peacefully, all his favorite people were with him and his favorite Moose toy. We are still adjusting to not having him with us and the so very quiet house. However, we will be forever grateful that we were able to share our lives with Kato and hopefully, he is in Heaven running free playing with all the other GSP’s…off leash, of course. To all the volunteers at NorCal GSP Rescue, thank you for everything you do in saving these wonderful GSPs. After our time of grieving, we now know we will be looking forward to adopting or fostering another GSP. 

– Tom and Diana

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