Kittle is a super-smart boy who got caught in the Covid conundrum. He had a great start in life, but when pandemic restrictions were lifted, his owner could no longer work from home. Left home alone all day, young Kittle became bored and destructive. His owner knew the dog deserved a home that could provide him with the companionship and stimulation he needed to succeed. NorCal GSP Rescue found the perfect family—two active adults who work from home and their two teenage sons. The family even attended a training session with Kittle and his foster mom. They fell in love with the dog and committed to continue giving him the attention and support he needs to thrive. Thank you, Anne and Brad, for fostering Kittle (and alum Brody—for mentoring). And thanks, Rich and Renee (and sons), for adopting him.

Kittle with new mom and dad

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