Koa (rescue name Tristan) – passed away April 24, 2016

We adopted Koa when he was two years old – a tall, barrel-chested 90 lb. GSP. That first night home, Koa carefully climbed into my lap. The next day we purchased a big dog bed and put an end to his lapdog days. That first weekend we carefully watched Koa to make sure he would be gentle with our five-year-old daughter. We were planting tomatoes with Koa resting nearby in the driveway. We caught our breath as we saw our daughter back up and stumble over the dog. Koa looked up and promptly put his head back down. That was it. We knew Koa was meant for us.
Nine years have passed as we watched our daughter grow and our dog get a little grey. Koa passed away on April 24, 2016 (cancer). During his final weeks, we allowed Koa up on the sofa so he could be our lap dog once again. Rest in peace, Koa.

-Jeanette & family

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