If one were to draw a picture of “delight” is would look very much like our Layla. She’s ten years old and on the small side, but despite some hard knocks, her hummingbird tail never stops expressing her joy. Layla was picked up as a stray and wound up in a shelter.  We took her into rescue, where she and her foster mom bonded immediately (thank you Serenity for fostering, and Marlene for providing vacation backup).  The shelter staff had noticed some lumps and bumps, so we had them tested. Some turned out to be mast cell tumors.  These were removed, but more kept appearing. Spunky Layla is so full of beans, you would never know she is sick.  She loves to play in creeks, chase squirrels, and jump as high as she possibly can to try to fetch birds out of trees.  Now she and her foster mom have made it official – and we wish them the very best.

Adopted August, 2017

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