Little Lucy

Little Lucy has been adopted!

Little Lucy may be the tiniest GSP we’ve ever rescued, but she wiggled her way into our hearts in a big way. She weighed only 24 pounds when we got her, and she was afraid of her own shadow. With excellent foster care (thanks Caitlin & Colin, Beth, and Anne), she gained fifteen pounds, learned house manners, befriended a Saint Bernard, and discovered the fun sport of pointing flies, among other things. She emerged from her shell as a super sweet, rambunctious imp, full of curiosity and spunk, but she really needed clear boundaries and consistent coaching to overcome her fears and blossom into the great dog we knew she would be all along. Little Lucy found a permanent home with one of the volunteers who has been working to train her, so we are confident she will continue to thrive.  Lucy now runs with her new family on beautiful trails in the Sierra foothills and likes going out for coffee with them in the morning.

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