Maxx (now River) spent his first four years chained up in a back yard, before a neighbor decided to intervene and get this sweet dog into a rescue program. Maxx savored the love and attention he received in his foster home (thank you, Imee and Albert). He is going to his forever home with a mom who lives in a cottage with a fenced yard. She is an avid hiker, so Maxx will get a lot of activity, as well as her devoted attention. She has changed his name to River, explaining: “When I first read about Maxx being chained up most of his life, the first word and image that popped in my head was river. A free-flowing river. I thought about wherever rivers flow, life tends to flourish. So the name River feels fitting for his new unchained life. And I know that River and my life will flow and flourish together!”

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