Miles (formerly Andretti) – passed away May 2018

We are heartbroken at having to say goodbye to Miles. We had him for 10 fun-filled years and to this day, it’s still hard to believe that someone didn’t turn over every corner of the earth to get him back.

He was an incredible dog and we were so lucky to have him in our life. One of his aunts described him as having a “big personality” and he truly did, along with a big heart and generous spirit. He loved napping in the bathtub, retrieving just about anything that wasn’t nailed down and like a true pointer, chasing squirrels. Caught a couple, too. He was an awesome friend to all the fosters that came through our door – he played with the ones that could and cuddled with the ones who couldn’t. He was the very best big brother to Otto; playing, sleeping and swimming together. We all miss him so much!

-Priscilla & Phil

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