Moonlight was dropped at a shelter in terrible condition. She was so emaciated her rib cage protruded sharply and her head was covered in lesions. One of our experienced foster homes nurtured her back to health. Initially, she was so weak she had to be carried up and down stairs. She gained 20 pounds in foster care, and her personality emerged. She learned to play, trust her canine brother, and bond with people. Moonie is calm for a GSP, gentle, polite, and curious. She’s been adopted by a couple (their 5th adoption of one of our dogs) able to offer this sweet girl a loving home and a GSP brother who could be the twin of her foster brother. Thank you, Anne and Brad (and Brodie), for exceptional fostering. And thank you so much, Sharon and Tony (and Drifter), for adopting Moonlight, now Amy.

Moonlight NOW

Moonlight before

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