Nala was born healthy, but with part of one back foot missing. That hasn’t slowed her down. With GSP puppy energy to burn, she adapted to zooming around using a modified bunny hop. An orthopedic specialist determined that she would be fine using that strategy for many years to come. No need for surgery—good news for Nala! We placed her in a foster home with two other dogs and patient humans to teach her leash etiquette and house manners (thanks for fostering, Anna and Brad).  She emerged as courageous, inquisitive, fun loving and full of life.

It didn’t take long for Nala to find a great forever home. She’s enjoying a huge yard, showing off her athletic abilities for running, fetching anything that flies, and flushing birds from the bushes. Her new digs are located on a two-acre parcel with ample space for hiking. Her new mom is adept at clicker training for setting appropriate boundaries, while providing lots of treats and love. Nala also has a live-in grandma and a Border collie cousin to entice.

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