“Who rescued whom?” – the familiar saying goes. For Quixote and Christine, there’s no question. They rescued one another.

Just two weeks after Christine lost her beloved GSP, the email about “Buddy” arrived. He desperately needed out of the shelter, asap. She was still grieving and had never fostered, but his imploring eyes staring out from that adorable mask beckoned “please rescue me!”

It was NOT love at first sight, for either of them. At their brief meet ‘n greet, Buddy never once even looked at her. Instead, he stood trembling, anxious,  dirty, stressed, and non-responsive. A Vet determined that he had a severe ear infection, as well as the worst cases of sinusitis and tonsillitis he had ever seen. The dog also was battling three bacterial infections and laryngeal damage. No wonder he was withdrawn.

As the weeks went by and his health improved and his pain lessened, Buddy came out of his shell and blossomed into Quixote—a joyous, social and solid companion Christine fell in love with. Thank you, Christine, for fostering and adopting this adorable guy. Now, ‘Ote’ enjoys a huge backyard, daily walks through the wetlands, dog park romps, healthy crockpot meals, and lots of belly rubs.

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