After an hour-long car ride from the shelter, Regina (now Mia) was introduced to her new fosters. It was love at first sight. Although she was not housetrained or leash trained, she was a whiz at fetching and she slept quietly all night in her crate. While underweight, with every bone showing, she had plenty of love to give…not only to her humans but also to her two new canine sisters (including Alum Lola).  The adoption contract arrived in short order, with a note from the adopters: “We are beyond in luv with this sweet, sweet little girl, she has definitely found her forever home.  She puts a smile on our faces every day and is the happiest and most curious little pup. She stays close to us and wags her whole body along with her cute little tail.” Thank you, Ryan and Vicki, for fostering and adopting Regina (now Mia).

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