Sauer – passed away March 11, 2021

Sweet Sauer (Sig/Siggy as I called him) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 11, 2021.  My sweet Forever Foster Sig came to live with me a little over a year ago.  At first Sig was rather thin, and weak, and he wasn’t quite sure what a “walk around the block” was, but pretty soon, in champion style, he was enjoying much longer walks both morning and evening.  In between he seemed content snuggled in with his toys and blankets, right next to my desk while I worked, never letting me go too far without “checking to be sure of where I was”.  My work-mates would often ask to see Sig during our zoom meetings, (and sometimes he was a vocal contributor :) he was even lovingly referred to as our Finance team’s mascot.

Sig always looked forward to getting a treat, and he was so gentle with all of his toys!  He had the cutest manner of turning in a circle just before he was about to eat, and whenever I’d come in the door from being away for any reason, he’d greet me at the door, making a circle (and usually with a toy in his mouth). Sig was also the gentle protector on our walks, and anyone coming to the door…offering a mellow toned “woooof” of alert :)

As Sig’s hind legs began to decline, our walks gradually became shorter & on our little loops just around the blocks of our neighborhood, he gained so many admirers and supporters. I appreciate being able to share the strong spirit of my “sweetest of all sweethearts” Sig, and honor his sweet protective manner. Sig will remain in every corner of my heart, and I am so thankful I got to have him as my best buddy for this chapter of his life. I will always love my Sig, he certainly made a huge difference in this human’s life. Thank you so much for letting me foster Sweet Sig.

-Liisa N.

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