Wrangler came to us with one of the saddest stories we’d heard in a while. After his family moved and left him at the property, he got stuck between the fence and a shed and was there for a week with no food or water (in August) before neighbors found and rescued him. Not surprisingly, Wrangler is very afraid of people he doesn’t know. We knew it was going to take a special family to take on “Project Wrangler”. It didn’t take long for that special family to come along. They showed they had the patience to help Wrangler feel better about people the very first time they met him. Throw in a German shepherd mix sister who is completely confident and ready to show Wrangler the ropes and we can’t wait to see how “Project Wrangler” turns out!

A very special thank you to Angela and Bill for literally saving Wrangler’s life and trusting us to find him a forever home. And thank you so much to Cathy for fostering him and helping him see there are good humans in the world!

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