herschel happy

When five-year old Herschel came into foster care, it was obvious that he was well-trained, very clever, and super cuddly with humans. As much as he loved to be with people, he was anxious around other dogs. With lots of patient training (special thanks to foster mom Jordyan), as well as help from a few canine mentors, Herschel finally learned that other dogs can be pals and playmates. He was adopted by a young couple who will continue his training and provide him with lots of romping and love. Thanks to everyone on team Herschel: Erica, Josh, Mary, Jordyan, Chuck, […]

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Herschel is making friends!

herschel is making friends 3

When he arrived in foster care, Herschel made his anxious feelings towards other dogs known by barking and lunging when one crossed his path. But during a recent trip to visit his “foster grandma” in San Diego, he had a big breakthrough! After meeting his foster grandma’s pup, a calm collie, they became fast friends. As the older and wiser soul, the collie seemed to show Herschel how to interact. Suddenly Herschel seemed happier, more playful and less anxious. Maybe he had just been looking for that doggy mentor all along! Since then, handsome Herschel has started spending time with […]

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