vixen 4

One of the purposes of rescue is to give a dog the time they need to find their perfect family. Vixen was in foster care for almost a year waiting for her forever home to come along, but come along they did. Now Vixen has found a home for the holidays and we are so excited for her! Enjoy your long-awaited happiness, Vixen and family! Thank you to Sally and Doug and Janelle for fostering Vixen!

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Vixen makes top honors

Vixen graduated!

We can’t tell you how excited we are to announce Vixen’s accomplishment! She has just finished her first training class with her foster mom and did so well. Meeting new dogs and their humans, and enjoying the car ride and outing each week. Congrats Vixen!

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Vixen the explorer


Miss Vixen is coming out of her shell more and more and she’s as playful as ever. She walks the college track with her foster mom and explores the neighbor’s yard looking for castles and flowers. She’s learning all her manners following her wonderful foster sister and foster mom.

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Vixen’s charms


Vixen is getting along great and learning from her older, wiser foster sibling. She’s following her all over and giving her best play stance trying to get her to romp with her. She’s proven to be house trained and is working on her basic commands,  but is still learning how to meet new people as she’s especially shy. She’s already bonding to her foster mom and we think she will be a wonderful companion dog.

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