Baylee – passed away February 10, 2018

It was the most wonderful year (with Baylee), we had so much darned fun together, and as nutty as she could be, I loved her with all my heart, she was the pup who needed the most from a rescue-mom and it was worth every minute. It helps to know that I did my absolute very best to be a good adoption-mom for her, daily walks, shopping, runs at the cemetery, I cooked her food, she ate what I ate, veggies & high-quality meat and even soup & salad, she loved it all. I never met a more loving dog and if we could find another with that happy, goofball personality, I would love to have her.  Her trainer Chris Webb at PetSmart said that BayLee had that “helicopter tail wag” which is the happiest wag any dog could have, so that’s some consolation.  And now she can see with two eyes.


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