Emma – passed away January 26, 2018

Emma was a Dalmatian-English Pointer mix saved from a kill shelter by NorCal GSP Rescue. She came to us afraid of the world; she would start shaking at the mere sight of another dog or at the sound of the printer whirring. She suffered from fear-based aggression. But with lots of TLC and patience, she grew into a playful pest to her Weimaraner big brother and a more secure and confident girl who loved the outdoors. Other than two four-legged friends, she didn’t care much for other dogs or other people. Yet she was a sweet and affectionate companion to us. She loved to snuggle between us, usually taking up most of the sofa. We truly thought she might die of fright before her first birthday, then she lived to almost 16! She was a project, but we loved her and will always miss her.

-Peri & Brian

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