Casey (rescue name Cassie) – passed away May 6, 2017, and Tawny (rescue name Grace) – passed away February 2017

We are sending a gift in memory of Cassie (we renamed her Casey). She gave us so many years of joy. When she reached the age of 17 we called her “the wonder dog.” Jim walked her almost every day and we fed her Science Diet dog food. She traveled the USA with us and our RV trailer and was a great traveler. Her favorite pranks were tearing up napkins and Kleenex and stealing bread from the counter! She loved her Kongs and to retrieve sticks. We will miss her so much.

The photo also shows Tawny (on the left), who sadly died three months before Casey. Tawny had many more health issues than Casey. We were fortunate to have her for her last 7 years. She was a very affectionate dog and preferred people to other dogs but did fine with Casey.

-Carol & Jim Floyd

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