Clark – passed away January 14, 2017

We adopted Clark from NorCal GSP Rescue in 2008 at the age of 9. We will always remember our first moments with him. He came running into the kitchen at his foster home, and after a few introductory pets, flopped over on his side so we could give him rubs, groaning in happiness the entire time.

Only very recently did he start to slow down. For the last 8+ years, he was game for anything, whether it was just a stroll around the block or a three-mile run. Clark was the perfect dog – calm and stately, but also silly and playful. He seemed to have every side to him, and all of them were perfect.

The last week of his life, he told us it was his time. That he was ready to say goodbye, that he was ready to rest. We wish he could have lived forever, and he will in our hearts. There will never be another Clark, our soul-dog.

– Cheryl & Chris

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