Dottie – passed away January 11, 2017

Dear Dottie,

We’ve been so sad since you left us. Our hearts are heavy and it’s been hard to smile. How did you do it? You went through so much before coming into rescue, yet you kept smiling, your tail kept wagging, and your spirits were always high. Tell us your secret. What do we do?

From: Too Many Tears

Dear Too Many Tears:

Thank you so much for rescuing me. I’m so grateful to all of you. I got over the bad times by thinking good thoughts. I think about all the good things you did for me and the good times we had. You do the same. Think about how I warmed your heart when I wagged my tail and how you smiled when I did something cute. Open your home to another dog in need. There are so many dogs like me out there. Have a good life, have a happy heart and keep smiling!

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