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Brinkley waited a while to get the right home, and it was there all along! His foster home decided Brinkley was happier there than he would be anywhere else, he was getting along with everyone so well, so they made it official. Adopted: September 2009

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Drake‘s going to live in the city, but no worries! He’ll get at least 3 walks a day and is close to two different parks. His new dad tells us “I’m in love!” And we think Drake hit the jackpot in finding such a perfect forever home. Adopted: September 2009

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Cocoa will join another lucky GSP living on a 20 acre ranch in Northern California. Her new adoptive family is retired and fell in love with Cocoa right away, she’s sure to have a wonderful life with her playmate running in the pastures and playing. Adopted: August 2009

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Belinda – It took a awhile to find the right place for Belinda but she is going to a wonderful home that is dog heaven. Dog yards front and back with doggie doors everywhere and several dog beds. Belinda will be doted on by her new owners and is sure to enrich their lives each

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Eleanor was adopted from our shelter postings. “We just wanted to let you know about another happy ending as a result of the NorCal GSP Rescue. While we did not adopt Eleanor from the NorCal GSP Rescue, we did find her on the website under the “Urgent Listings.” We had been looking for another GSP

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Marianne, now Annie, quickly became an important member of her foster family and they just couldn’t see her go. She is great friends with their other GSP and feels quite at home. Adopted: May 2009

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Gretchen had to wait a while for her forever home, but this lucky girl is right at home now! Her folks had adopted from us before and were ready to welcome another GSP into their family. Adopted: May 2009

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Bud has a super new mom who fell in love with him the moment she saw his picture online. Bud’s wonderful new home is just a few blocks from the each, a dog park, and he even gets to go to work with mom in the afternoons. The guys at the office call him ‘The

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Stevie will have lots of fun in his new home. He’ll get a lot of quality play time with another young male GSP. Stevie’s new dad fell in love with him right away even though Stevie is very shy. They are sure to bond and Stevie will make a great addition to the family. Adopted:

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Katie got a great home with folks who have adopted from us before. We know she will be happy in her new home and will enjoy good times with her new brother and buddy who also came from our group. Adopted: February 2009

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Duke & Farley

Duke and Farley were adopted by the same wonderful family. Not only do they have each other to keep company, but they have parents who are able to give them lots of attention and exercise. They have a great new home in the country with plenty of room to run, a pool and chickens!   Adopted:

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Boy went to his new forever home! He will be showered with love and affection from the family’s two boys and stay at home mom as well as lots of trips to the dog park to romp and play. Adopted: January 2009

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Polly‘s moving to the big city! She gets to sleep on the bed (her very favorite thing to do), hang out at the dog park, and go to work with her new owner. Polly hit the jackpot. Now, if only she can convince her new brother The Bean to share his toys with her. Good

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The first of Miley’s puppies to find a home, Gabriella lives near her former fosterers and gets to share her digs with a wonderful golden retriever. Adopted: March 2008

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Oliver, now Mowgli—Lucky Mowgli has a new owners who are both veterinarians! He also lives with three wonderful girls and a lady boxer who gives him a run for his money. You’ll be able to catch her someday Mowgli! Adopted: March 2008

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Rex, now Tux—Tux was the biggest puppy boy in Miley’s litter. Now he lives in Woodland and pals around with his owners wherever they go. We can’t wait to see how big you’ll get Tux! Adopted: March 2008

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Hot Spot

Little did Hot Spot know that when he was only a day old he arrived at his forever home. The family who fostered Miley and her puppies kept one for themselves. They love their “nootay” GSP mix boy! Adopted: March 2008

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Dougal found his forever home on the California Coast with a man who will give him all the love he has always yearned for! Congratualtion to both of you!!! Adopted: March 2008

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Whiskey found his forever home with a family with two small kids and a mom who is home a lot! Rare that a young GSP can be with small kids, but it’s all due to his wonderful foster mom! Thank you Robin and family! Adopted: March 2008

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Mitchell had to wait a while to be adopted while his leg healed, but he was patient and his new family was patient! Now he’s off to join them and he’ll be doted on and treated like a prince! Adopted: March 2008

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Barkley, now Minnie, is such a lucky pup! She’s been adopted by a family that adopted from us before, and she’ll have a wonderful home, lots of land, and another energetic GSP to play with. Adopted: March 2008

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Gemma was being fostered by a family that had already adopted Otis from us, and right from the start she made herself at home. Pretty soon they couldn’t imagine parting with her! Adopted: March 2008

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Darcy couldn’t have found a better family or more perfect home on a nice ranch. Her family thinks she’s super special and one very smart puppy. Darcy gets to run and play on lots of acres and couldn’t be happier. The photo says it all! Adopted: 2008

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Dinky (now Cooper) has shown his family how great GSPs can be. He’s well-known at the school since he walks there every day and has been having a great time getting to know his neighbors. He also gets to see one of his sisters occasionally and loves to wrestle and chase her until they are

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Dexter (now Gritty McDuff) arrived home with his family and it was like he’d always been there. He has doggy companions as well as little people companions and couldn’t be happier. This photo is with his big sis Koko. Gritty thinks she’s makes for great snuggling. Koko thinks he’s ok because he comes with great

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Dalli has a great new family that includes a big sister GSP to show her around and teach her to be a good canine companion. She has already proven how smart she is by being the top student at puppy class! Dalli is also thrilled to have one of her brothers living nearby and with

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Diva (now Dorsey) hit the jackpot and is living the life out in the country with lots of other animals for company and entertainment. Her family adopted another young rescue pup a few months later so now she has someone that can keep up with her puppy energy and mischief! Adopted: 2008

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Demi (now Wilma) was chosen by her family before they even met her! Her photo on our web site “spoke” to them and she is now a happy little girl and the apple of her family’s eye. Adopted: 2008

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Dozer and Desi

Dozer and Desi were adopted by their foster family. Dozer was chosen by his foster dad when he was just 2 weeks old. He made a huge (literally) impression on him at that early of an age. Desi is a total spitfire and keeps her family on their toes. Good thing her mom is a

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