Success Stories


Dalli has a great new family that includes a big sister GSP to show her around and teach her to be a good canine companion. She has already proven how smart she is by being the top student at puppy class! Dalli is also thrilled to have one of her brothers living nearby and with …

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Diva (now Dorsey) hit the jackpot and is living the life out in the country with lots of other animals for company and entertainment. Her family adopted another young rescue pup a few months later so now she has someone that can keep up with her puppy energy and mischief! Adopted: 2008


Demi (now Wilma) was chosen by her family before they even met her! Her photo on our web site “spoke” to them and she is now a happy little girl and the apple of her family’s eye. Adopted: 2008

Dozer and Desi

Dozer and Desi were adopted by their foster family. Dozer was chosen by his foster dad when he was just 2 weeks old. He made a huge (literally) impression on him at that early of an age. Desi is a total spitfire and keeps her family on their toes. Good thing her mom is a …

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Whole Lotta Rosie

Whole Lotta Rosie – Named after an ACDC song, Rosie was the boss of her litter. She always wants to make sure you know she’s around and she’s more than happy to play yard duty lady. Adopted: March 2008


Ashley – The little sweetie pie of Miley’s litter had many admirers, but finally fell for a family in San Jose. Adopted: March 2008


Coco – This sweet little girl headed off to the big city to be the center of her adopters’ world. We’re sure she’s wowing them in puppy class. Go Coco! Adopted: March 2008

Mary Kate

One of the more sassy puppies in her litter, Mary Kate also has a new big sister Izzy who gives her a run for her money. We’re wondering if Mary Kate’s still the first one to figure out how to climb out of any enclosure. Adopted: March 2008


Teal now Dhani—Dhani is a Mini Me to her new big sister Izzy. She now calls Half Moon Bay home and is a graduate of puppy class. Way to go Dhani and family! Adopted: March 2008


A family that had adopted from us before was ready for another GSP. They waited patiently for us to find just the right one, and Nelly is it! What a lucky girl, she has a beautiful estate to run around on, a GSP brother to play with, lots of dog beds to snooze on, and …

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Claire is off to a wonderful home with two children and a family that will have lots of time to spend with her! Adopted: February 2008


Zoe was adopted through our shelter postings! Although initially off to a rough start being severely underweight and anxious, her adopter worked with their vet to address her issues. After months of trying to figure out what was going on, they finally determined that she has Addison’s disease. With medicines and treatment, she gained weight …

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Enay (now Otis) had settled in so well at his foster home and it seemed he’d been just the dog they were looking for, so they adopted him! Adopted: January 2008

Boy Scout

Boy Scout is a fun boy on his way north to a beautiful 16 acre ranch to run around with his canine siblings. His new parents tell us that he gets to go horseback riding too. Congratulations, Boy Scout! Adopted: January 2008


Striker settled in so well at his foster home and is such a gentleman that they decided to keep him! Sweet and wonderful, he’s no trouble at all. Adopted: January 2008


Bungee is one lucky boy! He has 4 other canine siblings, and lots of run to run and play with another 2 year old pointer. He finally found someone who can run as fast as he can! Adopted: January 2008


Dell‘s new family had seen his shelter posting, and were interested in him while he was still at the shelter. They decided to foster for us, and he fit into their family routine as though he had always been there! He has become pals with his GSP sister. They couldn’t imagine not having him in …

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Coco was terribly ill at the shelter, and came into rescue with severe pneumonia. Her foster home took such good care of her, bringing her back to health, and they fell in love with her! They had recently lost one GSP and lost their other sweet boy shortly after Coco arrived. Thank goodness they and …

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