Success Stories


Franky now Austin is a lucky, lucky dog! His family was only considering an adult dog, and they picked him! Now he gets spoiled with spa treatments, long walks, and fun on the town! Adopted: July 2010


Jake is such a handsome, well-mannered boy, and we wish him all the best in his forever home! Adopted: June 2010


Pebbles sure does enjoy her toys, and she has plenty of them in her forever home. Plus time for long walks and snuggle time! Adopted: May 2010


Petey is off to an exciting life with his new family. Lots of fun in store for this young fellow! Adopted: May 2010


Nutmeg went through a lot before she found true love. But there she was, fitting in well with the other dogs in her foster home, even learning to leave the chickens alone, so they decided to make it permanent! Adopted: April 2010


Harley is off to her forever home! As you can imagine, she was quite popular, and now she’ll have a great forever family to call her own. Adopted: April 2010


Colt found love with one of our prior adopters, whose GSP had passed on. They weren’t quite sure they were ready, but after fostering Colt, they decided to make it permanent! Adopted: April 2010


Roscoe is always ready to rock and roll, and now he’s off to his forever home! Adopted: April 2010

Dot Calm

Dot Calm thinks she won the lottery! Two people to dote on her, and plenty of walks and fun. We think she’s right! Adopted: March 2010


Rocket is a lucky dog, going to a home that loves him because he’s on the mature side. Yup, smart people, getting a great and well-mannered dog! Adopted: March 2010

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace is off to live a life of comfort near the beach, with an ocean view and plenty of room for walks and runs. Adopted: March 2010


Zeus, now Schatzi, had a first adoption that only lasted a couple of weeks, but now he’s found a family that’s excited to call him their own. He’ll get plenty of running with their other GSP in their large yard! Adopted: January 2010


Cooper is off to live with two great dads, who are certain to spoil him rotten! Adopted: January 2010


Piper won her family over with that sweet face. They could see past the pink skin of her demodex and knew that with good follow through, her coat would grow back in. Way to go, Piper! Adopted: January 2010


Ella got a bum deal during her first adoption, but now we are all on the right track and she’s doing great! She has a Vizsla sister to pester, and together they get into twice as much trouble! Adopted: January 2010


Buddy2 is coming out of his shell now that he’s healthy and off to his forever home. We hope he continues to bloom into the awesome dog we know he can be! Adopted: January 2010


Dasha is such a pretty girl, and we’re sure she used her good looks to get the attention of her forever family. Now it’s off to a long and happy life! Adopted: January 2010


Patch learned right from the start how to make himself at home! Foster dog? Sure, and now, forever dog. He’s just about got that poodle trained, too! Adopted: January 2010


Doyle started working his way into the heart of his foster home as soon as he arrived, and it must have worked, because they decided to make it permanent! Adopted: January 2010


Topaz found a wonderful home in no time and she’s sure to be the center of attention. She joins another four legged sibling in her new home and will get plenty of attention and love. We’re sure she’ll be happy there.” Adopted: October 2009


Leonard is enjoying his new home with a few acres to roam. His new family consists of two brothers who run their own business from the property, as well as another older dog that should make a wonderful playmate for Leonard. We’re sure he will have a great life in his new home. Adopted: October …

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Triton – Lucky dog! Triton is going to a wonderful home with dogs and cats, a home that has adopted from us before. He’ll enjoy being the gentleman companion to the female dogs, and we know he’ll enjoy lounging on the couch! Adopted: October 2009


Princess is enjoying her new home in the country with four acres of land to enjoy and her very own pond to swim in. Her new family includes two children who are sure to give her plenty of love and attention. Adopted: September 2009


Brinkley waited a while to get the right home, and it was there all along! His foster home decided Brinkley was happier there than he would be anywhere else, he was getting along with everyone so well, so they made it official. Adopted: September 2009


Drake‘s going to live in the city, but no worries! He’ll get at least 3 walks a day and is close to two different parks. His new dad tells us “I’m in love!” And we think Drake hit the jackpot in finding such a perfect forever home. Adopted: September 2009


Cocoa will join another lucky GSP living on a 20 acre ranch in Northern California. Her new adoptive family is retired and fell in love with Cocoa right away, she’s sure to have a wonderful life with her playmate running in the pastures and playing. Adopted: August 2009


Belinda – It took a awhile to find the right place for Belinda but she is going to a wonderful home that is dog heaven. Dog yards front and back with doggie doors everywhere and several dog beds. Belinda will be doted on by her new owners and is sure to enrich their lives each …

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Eleanor was adopted from our shelter postings. “We just wanted to let you know about another happy ending as a result of the NorCal GSP Rescue. While we did not adopt Eleanor from the NorCal GSP Rescue, we did find her on the website under the “Urgent Listings.” We had been looking for another GSP …

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Marianne, now Annie, quickly became an important member of her foster family and they just couldn’t see her go. She is great friends with their other GSP and feels quite at home. Adopted: May 2009


Gretchen had to wait a while for her forever home, but this lucky girl is right at home now! Her folks had adopted from us before and were ready to welcome another GSP into their family. Adopted: May 2009

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