Success Stories


Hilo had the good fortune of knowing he’d found his forever home as soon as he got out of the shelter. It took his forever dad a little longer to figure it out, but that’s ok, we all know how smart GSPs are! Adopted: August 2011

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Angus, now known as Sparky, had come back into rescue after some changes in his family situation. But lucky for him, he got another chance at love, and he’s doing great in his forever home! Adopted: August 2011

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Hudson has such a beautiful face! We’re sure that’s what won over the heart of his forever family – and a big heart it is to find love with this mature gentleman! Adopted: August 2011

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Ellie inserted herself into the home and heart of her foster family, and pretty soon she was there to stay. Plenty of fun there – hiking, hanging out, and being pampered! Adopted: June 2011

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Shorty enjoys her stuffed babies, and always like to snuggle up with them, especially on the sofa. Plenty of sofa time and love for this girl, now that she’s found her forever family! Adopted: June 2011

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Case enjoys the outdoors and hikes and walks, and he’s got people to love and dote on him now! Way to go, Case! Adopted: March 2011

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Von hit the jackpot when he got to his foster home – very soon it became his forever home. Plenty of room to play and lots of GSP buddies to play with – notice the lurker that photobombed Von’s picture? Adopted: March 2011

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Gretchen is one of those dogs that takes over the house and your heart. And that’s exactly what she did, as she becomes a central part of her forever family’s life! Adopted: December 2010

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Gertie is the perfect match for her family – she arrived as a foster dog, and stayed as a forever dog! She reminded them of another GSP they used to have, so they were very excited to make her a part of the family! Adopted: December 2010

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Scout hit the jackpot the same day as Finn – they were being fostered together, and since their forever mom was looking for a bit of an older dog, she decided they should both come to live with her – seeing how they were buddies and all! Adopted: December 2010

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Finn is a lucky boy – his forever mom was interested in a mature boy, having no need for puppy craziness. Finn fit the bill! Both he and Scout, who were fostered together, got adopted together. Go team! Adopted: December 2010

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Finnegan, now Otto, used his puppy cuteness to ensure a forever home for himself. In fact, we’re pretty sure they all came to that decision his first day in his foster home! Adopted: December 2010

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Webber has those soulful brown eyes, we’re sure that’s what drew his forever mom to him. He’s got lots of hikes, outings, and cuddle time now! Adopted: November 2010

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Dino is a quick learner, and is finding his way around his new home very well – blind dogs learn quickly and are good navigators around their house and yard once they learn the lay of the land. He’s so happy he finally has a place to call his very own! Adopted: November 2010

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Quincy is excited to be with her forever family, and knows there will be lots of snuggles as well as some tennis ball time! Adopted: November 2010

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Chief was home before he knew it! His foster family succumbed to his charms so they decided to make it official! Adopted: November 2010

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Bella is as cute as a button, and she’s got her new family’s love all buttoned up! Since they were her foster family, it didn’t take her too long to convince them to adopt her! Adopted: November 2010

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Mylee had quite the journey, arriving in rescue quite pregnant. Thanks to our friends at Pound Puppy Rescue, Mylee was able to spend some time with them to have her pups (and Pound Puppy Rescue placed them into great homes!), and then she came back to us to find her forever home – and she

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Can you say “cute?” Yes, Chipper sure is cute, and he wiggled his way into his family’s heart. He started out as a foster dog and ended up as a forever dog! Adopted: September 2010

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Cranberry got to her foster home, they fell in love, and she was adopted before we could even get some good photos! Lucky girl, she’s got plenty of room to run, and two humans that adore her! Adopted: August 2010

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Rufus was quite underweight when he got to his foster home. By the time they had fattened him up to a good weight, he fit in so well, they decided he was there to stay! Adopted: August 2010

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