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Ava has found a wonderful family just in time for the holidays. She acclimated to her new home immediately and can’t stop playing with her GSP brother! Ava’s forever home is so excited to have her as part of their family and they look forward to continue nursing her injured leg back to health and […]

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Sierra Lee

Sierra Lee has found a home in time for the holidays! She’s been adopted by her foster home, and is so happy she doesn’t have to worry anymore. She’ll enjoy the company of her people and her doggie brothers. Way to go, Sierra Lee! Adopted: December 2012

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This little pocket pointer “pointed” her way right into the hearts of her forever family. When they met Chanel, they couldn’t imagine bringing home any other dog. They can’t wait to hit the trails and get Chanel lots of exercise and play time, in addition to the cuddle time at the end of the day.

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Bennet has been looking for his perfect “forever home” for quite some time now, and he has found his special family just in time for the holidays. When his new family met him for the first time it was love at first site, and there was no question that he was the perfect dog for

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Loretta came to us from the shelter but despite her time in the shelter she is a sweet-natured dog who is already becoming a great member of the family. She loves people and enjoys taking on the role of the family care taker and “overseeing” all of the fun family activities.  She enjoys lots of

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This sweet little girl had a rough going for the first few years of her life but is now ready to start a new chapter with her forever family. Leyna, meaning “little angel” in German, can’t wait to live out her life just the way a GSP angel should – playing lots of fetch, running

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This sweet girl has been working very hard to gain her confidence back since being in rescue and has now found a forever family committed to continuing her progress and helping her become the sweet, confident GSP she truly is inside. From the first time Belle met her forever family she was eager to cuddle,

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This shy little sweetheart finally found a wonderful forever-home to spend the rest of her days. The family is so excited and her forever-Mom and Dad can’t wait to nurture Snow into a spunky little GSP. Snow is already loving her forever-home with her doggy siblings and all the fun play time that comes along

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Hank is adopted!


When Hank entered our rescue program, he was almost completely blind with the ability to only see some lights and shadows. Thanks to a surgery that corrected his eyesight, he is able to see all those things he’s been sniffing for so long – including his newly found forever-home! Hank has really hit the jackpot

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After healing up McBean’s bumps and bruises, his foster family saw the true personality of this dog, fell in love, and could never let him go. This happy and energetic dog is a perfect match for this fun loving young married couple. They love to take McBean, now Remi, on long runs, hikes, and many

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Ferguson, now Gus, has joined a fun loving and energetic family. Normally Ferguson is quite shy when he meets people but not with his new Mom and Dad, they became friends instantly! His “forever home” has a great big back yard for him to romp around in and explore. Gus is eager to please his

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Dougal is a loyal and gentle old guy who found himself returned to rescue after his owner suddenly passed away. His foster family felt a connection with this fellow and his touching story. They could not bear the thought of him having to search for another home and decided to adopt him and make him

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Romeo was adopted by a wonderfully sweet and caring family who can’t wait to take him for long hikes, swims, and give him tons of love!  Romeo is a gentle giant who has been looking for a family to welcome him into their home and give him all the love he deserves. His new parents

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Tori is comfy at home!


Tori is a beautiful and energetic young girl who loves to play and take naps in her fancy doggy-bed. She is polite, playful, affectionate and is learning new commands all the time. No one could understand why such a pretty young girl would be left without a home, but no more. Tori’s new forever Mom found Tori on

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We were sad to learn that Freckles would not be able to stay with a family that adopted her from our organization a few years ago.  With her beautiful face and stature, however, she sparked the interest of lots of site-visitors immediately after we posted her our site. With a tail that is always wagging,

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Axel hit the jackpot! What did he win? A family that is just perfect for him. A family that understands his quirks and loves him just the way he is. A family that’s active and can actually wear him out. And best of all, a teenage boy to call his own! Since his people work

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Whitey Adopted German Shorthaired Pointer Dog


Whitey is what most would consider a perfect GSP: polite, playful, affectionate and professionally trained to hunt quail.  No one could understand why anyone would hand-over this handsome dude to a shelter.  Whitey’s forever family, newly-married, active couple , found him on our website and instantly decided to forgo research on breeders while they pursued Whitey.  It was a perfect match.  Whitey is

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Mama Mia

Mama Mia

Mama Mia, who is now called Bella, came into her foster family in what was described by them as a divine intervention.  It didn’t take long at all for the foster family to decide they wanted to be the forever family for this sweet, gentle, and loving girl.  Mama Mia/ Bella is loving all of

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After a successful ACL surgery, Lucy’s foster family could not stand to part with her. Lucy’s sweet face won over the hearts of many who read her story on our website, but she was lucky enough to be invited to stay in her loving foster home. With continuous TLC from her forever family, we know that

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Huck was home, only it took his foster people a little while to figure it out!  He fit in so well, they decided to make it permanent.  Huck’s enjoying his days in the sun and the shade with alumnus Patch.  Way to go, Huck. Adopted: February 2012

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Robin and her foster were a match made in heaven from day one and after a couple of years they decided to make it official. Robin doesn’t know the difference of course, she’s just as happy as she could be in her new home. Adopted: January 2012

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Rocker’s new family was fostering him until they informed us that Rocker had in fact adopted them. So they made it official and Rocker is fitting in well in his new forever home. Adopted: December 2011

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Spuds is enjoying his new home with his big sister GSP who is also a rescue. Since Spuds is deaf she will be his ears and help him live out a wonderful life in a loving GSP home. Adopted: November 2011

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Izzy (on the right!) has found a wonderful home on 3 acres and two other dogs to romp around with. She’ll get plenty of exercise and love and live the good country life in her forever home. Adopted: November 2011

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Maverick found his forever home with a wonderful family! He’s got two young girls in addition to mom and dad. Maverick will be kept plenty busy and will have a great life with lots of love! Adopted: November 2011

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Ziggy is literally surrounded by love. After overcoming a number of medical challenges, Ziggy is finally in her forever home with two people who put her at the center of their lives. Adopted: September 2011

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Close up of Jackpot's face, he's wearing a red collar


Jackpot did hit the jackpot, getting adopted by a family that’s adopted from us before, and getting to live in a wonderful house with plenty of dog beds, where his every whim will be addressed! Adopted: August 2011

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Hilo had the good fortune of knowing he’d found his forever home as soon as he got out of the shelter. It took his forever dad a little longer to figure it out, but that’s ok, we all know how smart GSPs are! Adopted: August 2011

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