Coconut – passed away September 17, 2014

We wanted to let you know that Coconut passed over the Rainbow Bridge… the cancer in his gum got the best of him and he quit eating and wagging his tail… it was time… thank you all for everything you do for NorCal and welcoming us into the family.

Almost three years ago to the week, I was about to hand off my first foster success to his new human and Cathy asked, “Would you be able to take Coconut for a couple of weeks… he bounces too much for Maggie’s elderly dog?” Conveniently, I picked up Coconut on my way home from dropping off Spuds. Coconut never let on that he was 11… he didn’t believe in numbers. I discovered his interesting quirks… bolting out doors and gates, barking at unknown things under the deck and of course the panic-inducing (at least the first couple of times) hour-long romps through the fields across the street (he loved to run!!! and for you to chase him!!!) But soon I figured out that if I drove down the street and called to him from the car, he’d come running. Coconut made himself at home… at first on my bed and then claiming his corners of the couch (he could give Scout a “look” and he would begrudgingly give up his spot)… he knew he was home… we were just a little slow to catch on. He earned great nick names… Nutnut, Nutty Professor, Nutterbutter, NuttyNuttyCoconut, Nutty, and just plain Nut. He loved to climb the hay stack, hog the bed, steal empty toilette paper rolls, car rides (as co-pilot of course) and warm fires. He learned to love his feline siblings (and loved to steal their food). His tail wagged soooooo fast and he had the most expressive eyebrows and ears. He wiggled his way into our hearts and he will be missed!

-Catherine, Mac, Finn and Scout

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