Daisy (formerly Autumn) – passed away May 1, 2020

So. I’m not even sure how to write this. Our beloved Daisy died tonight. George Putnam and I are stunned, bereft. There truly are no words for such a vile year. Daisy came to us from the NorCal GSP Rescue six years ago, and she went everywhere with George, from daily runs to depos at the law office. This morning, they went with their group for a long run, and she swam at Folsom Lake. After a busy day, they went on an evening walk. She collapsed. He carried her to the car. At LBVC she was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and was bleeding internally. They were kind at LBVC and let us hold her as she passed. For those who knew Daisy, she was a quiet, loving soul-wonderful with children and comforting anyone who needed a quiet presence. She served subpoenas with George at hospitals and police stations all over Northern California. From the first time she saw George and ran across the foster’s living room to jump into his arms, they’ve been inseparable. RIP, little Daisy.

-Heidi Smith

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