Danica – passed away November 2016

No matter her health setbacks, Dani was always happy and continued to think that despite her age, she could do anything her younger, faster, foster sisters could do. She loved to “play” frisbee, although her version was more like chasing and yelling at the younger dogs, regardless, she always had a blast.

Sometimes she pretended that she couldn’t hear anything (usually when something outside smelled really good), but her ears miraculously recovered whenever she knew whipped cream was being put on my ice cream! She loved to follow her little sister Lady wherever she went. She happily slept the afternoons away particularly if she played hard in the morning. She picked out her favorite bed and she would sleep in it despite how many dogs were already sleeping in it. She reminded me of a sassy grandmother, she may not keep up all the time, but she was surely going to get what she wants.


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