Dillon – passed away April 2, 2021

Sweet Dillon AKA “the Boy Who Did Not Get the Memo.”
Dillon was only two years old when he came into rescue and was diagnosed with lymphoma. He didn’t act sick and rescue set about making the time he had left the best of his life. His first foster, Sherry, taught him that no matter what your situation is, you have to have some manners. Without that foundation, Dillon would have never made it in his second foster home which included other dogs from a pug to Great Danes. Dilly made the most of his last two months. He ate all the yummy things, slept on the bed, hung out on the couch, and destroyed a whole host of toys from a caring donor. We kept saying he didn’t get the memo that he had a terminal illness. Fortunately for Dillon, when the memo finally arrived he was only ill for a couple of days. Thank you to NorCal GSP Rescue for providing everything Dillon needed to enjoy himself to the very end.  – Cathy O.
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