Finnigan – passed away March 8, 2021

Finnigan, aka Finnie, Finn, Mr. Finnanigans, Finnie-Butt, crossed over the rainbow bridge on March 8, 2021. Finn was the sweetest, quirkiest little man…I remember taking him to the snow for the first time and I kept him on a long line just in case he saw a squirrel or a rabbit as I was afraid he would take off (based on my experience with my first GSP). How silly I felt later because he would stick right by my side and never got excited about anything. I don’t think he knew he was a bird dog. He was usually out for a Sunday drive no matter what. He didn’t really know how to play but sometimes would try to engage in a barking-in-your-face contest with his younger sister Indie, our black lab. She was never quite sure if he was playing or not. Finn was a medical mystery. He had some interesting things going on with him that the vets could never figure out but we kept him comfortable and his ailments managed. I am most appreciative of his foster mom and dad who would always watch him for me when we went out of town. Finn was at home with Mark and Cari and they absolutely loved him. I’m also very grateful for the friendship that we now how with Mark and Cari and have Finnegan to thank for that. Run free little man, run free.

-Anna and Brad

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