When petite, stinking-cute Dixie was found wandering in a desert, she was captured and sent into our rescue program. Because of the ongoing pandemic, lots of people are home, searching for pets to spoil. Numerous households volunteered to foster young Dixie, but fastest on the button were our longtime volunteers, Catherine and Jen, who live on a ranch in the Sierra foothills. They’re also repeat “foster failures” – a term applied to foster homes that fall in love with the dog they’re fostering and adopt it. (One of the benefits of fostering is that you get first dibs on adopting the dog you foster). Here, in their own words, is how it happened with Dixie:

“Having just unexpectedly lost our beloved GSP, Mickey, we were not really looking for another dog–but we’ve always wanted a ‘pocket pointer’. It took fostering 17 dogs to finally hit the jackpot with this tiny bundle of pointer love! Although a bit shy at first, Dixie quickly warmed up and wiggled her way into our hearts.”

Dixie won the jackpot, too. She gets to spend her days chasing birds, playing with her canine siblings, and snuggling in true GSP style. Due to her petite size, she can even get away with trying to be a lap dog. That’s her in the middle, with vibrating tail, between alum Colby and GSP sis Jazzy.

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