Kev is a Summer Special GSP! Dive into summer with Kev – submit an adoption questionnaire or complete your adoption of Kev now through July 31 and you’ll receive a 50% adoption discount!

This big boy is friendly and full of love. Kev is always happy to see and meet new people, making friends easily. His affection and willingness to listen mean he’s by your side (sometimes even leaning or laying on you) whenever given the chance!

Kev has the energy you would expect of a young GSP and will benefit from lots of running and exercise to help him burn off the energy and learn to settle. He’s been known to jump or scale a fence, so secure fencing is crucial. He is active and at times doesn’t realize his size. Once he’s settled, he’s quiet and gentle. It’s the ideal time to perfect the cues he’s learning like down, stay, and shake. Kev is looking for a home that will continue his training and exercise him well. He’ll benefit from structure and a regular routine.

If you have other dogs in the home, let’s talk more about how Kev can best integrate with your crew. He is unaware of dog social cues and his play style (combined with his size) can be a bit much for some dogs!

Kev is available on a foster-to-adopt basis so we can support you during the transition to your home.

About Me
Gender Male
Estimated Age 2
Current Weight 67 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Available to adopt
Other Notes Dog-selective - does not get along with all dogs

Adoption Information

Dogs one to five years old: $425. Your adoption includes a post-adoption training allowance.

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