Ellie – passed away June 8, 2014

Sweet Ellie was one of those memorable dogs, from the time she came into rescue until the day she passed away in her loving forever home. When she first arrived, she was in terrible physical condition, with lumps, bumps, saggy parts, and terrible skin. She started out in one foster home, and over time and with care, she felt better and looked better. Then she moved to another foster home, and that’s where she stayed – lucky Ellie was adopted by her foster family! They didn’t mind Ellie’s “vocalizing” and she fit right in with the other GSPs, enjoying hikes, walks, and hanging out. But at the beginning of this year, Ellie began a gradual decline, eating less, becoming less active, and her family made the decision that she should not suffer – so Ellie has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye, sweet girl.

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