Ernesto – passed away August 15, 2014

Ernesto came to us (his third family at least) as a foster named Dougal. The small guy had Arthritis and could barely stand, was nearly blind, effectively deaf and had other medical issues, but always followed like a duckling when someone headed to the kitchen. Appetite wasn’t ever a problem. He never bit, growled or attacked. We re-named him Ernesto (since he was deaf and wouldn’t notice). Ernesto had a strange affinity for vigorous forehead and chin rubs that left little gray German Shorthair bits of beard all over our hands and clothes. He had some oddball characteristics that we’ve never seen before. Walks-Rather than stopping during a walk, he liked to pee while continuing to walk. Getting Around the House- He couldn’t turn around, he would instead walk backward. Good Manners?-He liked to use our Persian rugs as his own personal after-dinner napkins. We loved him every moment of the two years and two months we shared together.

– Pam, foster mom and forever mom

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