Frida Kahlo – passed away July 3, 2013

Frida Kahlo, my princess of perfection, came to live in her forever home, that is with me, in Oct 2006 and changed my life in the most rewarding and delightful ways imaginable. Now there is a hole in my life and in my heart that cannot be filled or replaced.

Frida Kahlo was incredibly smart, loyal, patient, sneaky, loving, gorgeous, stubborn, playful, uncomplaining, and much more. Frida loved to eat the crumbs from anywhere–but never dared to eat a non-food–eg a foil wrapper or a wrapper with the leftover scone or cheese or apple. Frida carefully dissected any spoonful of peanut butter or meat treat when suspect of any hidden medicinal tricks within and only enjoyed the bounty.

Frida Kahlo and I would visit off-leash dog parks/beaches. She could spend literally minutes and minutes, statue-still, with her adorable long nose down a mole hole, until gently pulled away. Not even the best of treats could move her from a gopher or other ground hole. At other dog parks, Frida was an ace flushing out a bunny/hare/jackrabbit, and then in GSP-hunting heaven while in wild pursuit, chasing her frightened victim (she never caught one and I was secretly glad.) Or when we went to Fort Funston or other water designations, and my Frida is the only dog running in the hills –and nowhere near the water. Just beautiful.

As some of you may have also experienced, when Frida wanted you to keep petting her, she’d look up with those expressive eyes and ‘paw’ you, as if thinking, “no-one told you to stop petting me.” It was magic.

Frida came to work with me for most of our 6 1/2 years together. She made colleagues and strangers everywhere adore her with her gentle spirit, undemanding disposition, and soulful eyes. She had visitors at her side throughout the day. I couldn’t walk in the office building without a colleague asking “where’s Frida?” how’s Frida’s?” She made everybody happy.

Frida taught me patience, and appreciation for consistency and routine, a new kind of nurturing, and selflessness in completely new ways.

I am still lost without her. I want to thank all who have supported me in her last year, when I learned of her diagnoses of degenerative myelopathy and then cancer, until her too-soon death of perhaps, 11 or 13 yrs young. I was so very lucky to have Frida Kahlo in my family. Thanks to NorCal GSP Rescue and the entire team for making her a possibility in my life.

-Wendy Jacobson

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