Little Henri (now Henry) turned up in a shelter with a big problem. Due to an earlier injury, he had a dislocated elbow. It hurt, so he learned to walk without it, resulting in an atrophied leg and shoulder muscles. He found a great foster home (thank you Sheri!), that tuned up his manners and took him for numerous orthopedic appointments. After weighing alternatives, we chose an expensive procedure to minimize Henri’s discomfort and maximize his opportunity to have a useable leg in future. He is recovering nicely, and best of all he’s found his forever home with a couple who live on two acres up north near a beach. They are retired, so have lots of time to help Henry heal. In turn, his soft coat, expressive eyes and sweet nature will help them recover from the loss of their 14-year old Weimaraner to cancer. Henry is so loving they are considering training him to become a therapy dog.

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