Lassen aka Buffy – passed away March 2016

I am contacting you with a sad and heavy heart of Buffy passing, (Cancer) she was my best friend, and our story makes it harder to have lost her. She lived a very comfortable life going everywhere I went for the past few years. She followed me everywhere including the restroom at times, she was never far behind me, always my shadow as my wife so called her. She loved to float down the river with me in my drift-boat, fishing. She was able to make a full recovery because of your efforts in healing her back up. Buffy was almost 15 years old. She live a long and full life. She was my best friend and I wanted to say thank you for reuniting her with me, and the great care given to her. She will be missed by my family and I and thank you keep up the good efforts because these GSP are more than dogs, they are our families.

-Ben Abbey

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