Spuds – passed away February 2016

We are sad to announce we lost our sweet handsome boy, Spuds. He was a very special boy. I passed him over when viewing his pictures several times. Then I found Coconut and he was being fostered at the same house as Spuds. So, we requested a visit and Spuds was a throw-in. When we got to Catherine’s property BeBe and Coconut took off full speed ahead. He wanted nothing to do with me. I then turned to meet Spuds. Within 30 seconds I was on the ground holding him and saying “I have to have him!” It was Love at first sight and handshake from this sweet special boy. He was very hard of hearing. BeBe was his eyes and ears. When we brought him home he went out back to explore. He had never seen a pool before and simply walked right into the deep end. He was like, “when did that get here?” He had never seen stairs before and I carried him up for the first couple of days. Before we knew it he was running up and down like it was nothing! He learned to walk around the pool and that it was there all along. He had the most adorable snaggle tooth that his lip would catch on. He was so mellow and regal. My life has forever been changed with “hims” in my life. He was 15 and ultimately had a tumor in his groin preventing him from pooping. He went out fast, hiding his sickness. He was brave and gave me a pitter-patter sort of kickoff on my chest at the moment he passed.

-Lavonne and Frank

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