Layla – passed away October 2019

In a word, Layla was a delight. She loved everything about life, especially critters. Rather than chilling with mom on the couch to watch television, Layla preferred to patrol the yard. She would sometimes just sit right outside the back door on high alert. Her love and sweetness were abundant, sometimes a little too much for people meeting her for the first time, as she was so forthright with her attention and affection. Layla was an amazing hunter. I once watched her wait for a rat to run between the two backyard fences, she reached in, grabbed him and you know the rest of the story. She was a talker and she loved her routine, she always let me know when I deviated from the way the day was supposed to go. Even when given 2 years, and then only 6 months to live, she never even gave it a second thought. Layla continued to live life with gusto. She had finally received the love and life she deserved, she wasn’t about to give it up. Eventually, the slow-growing cancer overcame the efforts made to hold it back. Her last event before passing was engaging with a squirrel, the only way to exit for a GSP!


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