Maximillion – passed away March 25, 2022

Max (Maximillion) and his sister Samantha joined Matt and Janelle Schrader’s pack on 12/2/2020. Ironically Matt, Max and Samantha share that date as their birthday! They turned 12yo in 2020.

Boone and Crockett welcomed them happily into the pack. Max quickly figured out the lizard chase in the yard!! He even was known to have the patience to wait in one spot, and successfully got a few lizards! He even brought a baby gopher snake as a prize for his humans! Max was on the go and such a fast runner!! Super Max was one of many affectionate nicknames he would be given. Summer of 2021, Max enjoyed swimming, or just getting in to cool his chest. Max also created a new napping spot under Janelle’s office desk so that is now a permanent nap spot with a cozy bed. Max was such an amazing, sweet, gentle, and a perfect angel of a dog. Matt and Janelle loved him so very much even though they had him a short time. On Dec 2, 2021, they turned 13.

Max was diagnosed with being anemic in January 2022. Measures were taken to try to get his bones strong again, but he became weak. He continued to play every day and still be on the lookout for those lizards, just at a slower pace. Max adored his sister Samantha and always would check on her. Max and Boone became quick buddies and were often seen laying with one another. Max crossed the rainbow bridge on 3/25/2022 after a fun-filled sunny day of playing, peacefully falling asleep after eating one of his favs, a piece of ice. Mr. Max will be missed! 💙🐾🐾

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