Mr. Buddy Bear (formerly Buddy3) – passed away November 6, 2020

Mr. Buddy Bear in a cowboy hat and bandana

Our sweet boy sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. We cherish the abundant memories we shared with him for the past 7.5 years. He loved to go on adventures, the beach and was such a snuggle bug. His heart murmur slowly progressed into a much more serious condition over the years and sadly even UC Davis Cardiology was not able to slow it further. We find solace in letting him pass peacefully in our arms with his favorite blanket at home. We will carry him with us always in his memorial tattoo.
Mr Bud Tatoo

Meg & Herb S.




Mr. Buddy Bear's paw print in the sand with handsMr. Buddy Bear's pink bellyMr. Buddy Bear with His FamilySissy's Birthday - Mr. Buddy Bear has a message around his neck.Mr. Buddy Bear enjoying sunset on the beach

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