Lyla – passed away November 23, 2020

Lyla’s forever mom asked us to write a few words “for the Princess” since she couldn’t quite manage it just now, having lost their sweet Guy (formerly Guero) just a few months ago.

Lyla came to them through our owner assistance and referral program, she’d been found on the side of the highway by a young woman who did her very best to care for her. Lyla’s separation issues were becoming overwhelming. Then Suzanne and George saw Lyla’s referral posting and inquired about her. One thing led to another and yes, they adopted her! They followed through on her behavior plan and Lyla made great improvement thanks to their calmness, patience, consistency, and love. They had an “open adoption” with the woman who found Lyla, and kept in touch and visited over the years.

We are all grateful that Lyla found the perfect forever home.

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